MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Candidates

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Student most suitable choice to check Medical Abroad
Quality of medical education in Bangladesh same as Asian nation. Same MBBS program in English followed in Bangladesh. Same Indian author Medical books studied in Bangladesh. FMGE Passing rate highest for MBBS from Bangladesh. reasonable Medical Study at Low Package for Indian most suitable choice for MBBS Study Abroad. Most visited admission web site for Indian Students.

Smile Education Most sure and Reliable Authorised Admission authority for prime Medical faculties in Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants. Students to induce Direct MBBS Admission in best Medical school in Bangladesh. Latest data and Admission Formalities to check MBBS in Bangladesh contact Smile Education.

It is mandatory to qualify NEET to check MBBS in abroad for Indian students. MCI can solely issue equivalency certificate to check MBBS Abroad. Pursue MBBS in Bangladesh aspirant should have NEET-UG 2019 qualifying score. Medical Council of Asian nation necessary to induce MCI Equivalency with in 5 years medical study period. Eligibility demand for taking admission in a veryn undergrad (UG) Medical Degree in aBangladesh health center that is underneath Government Universities.

What are blessings of finding out MBBS in Bangladesh?

In recent years, it’s been seen that Bangladesh is turning into favorite destination for Indian students for overseas MBBS. Here we’ll check all those favorable aspects that attract Indian students:

MBBS fees in Indian faculties is sky rocketing whereas story is completely totally different once we contemplate our neighboring country. In government faculties of Bangladesh, seventy five seats reserve for foreign candidates whereas twenty five p.c seats in camera faculties are crammed by non-native students.
For students of SAARC countries, fees relinquishing is additionally offered.
Many would be troubled concerning language thanks to Bangladesh’s integrity with Bengali language. For MBBS course, language of instruction is English.
Bangladesh has large list of medical faculties approved by Medical council of Asian nation underneath act of 1956.
Direct admission in MBBS course is additionally attainable with none donation.
After course completion in Bangladesh, clear tryout organized by medical council of Asian nation and begin active here.
MBBS courses in Bangladesh are recognized by South East Asia Regional Organization for Medical Council.
Bangladesh is Asia’s most densely inhabited country. there’s enough flow of patients for clinical studies.
Bangladesh is same as India’s state thus there’ll be no language or culture downside.

If you’re in jap Asian nation then any town in Bangladesh specifically Jessore, Dhaka, Chittagong etc would be nearer than urban center and metropolis.
Bangladesh is rising as hub for education as large inflow of scholars from Asian and African countries may be seen. Asian nation and Federal Republic of Nigeria are 2 major contributors once it involves foreign students in Bangladesh.

What are Steps for Admission for MBBS in Bangladesh?

Process is kind of straightforward. you wish to follow vi steps for admission in MBBS:

Go through all offered faculties and universities in Bangladesh. build alternative when careful thought and thought.
Application forms are offered on-line through official websites of establishment. Fill type and connect all needed documents.
Now it’s flip of establishment. Their team can analyze your application and that they will reply
Once you get invite letter then you’ll move for deposit of fees.
Go to embassy of Bangladesh and apply for student visa. embassy offices are set in New Delhi, Kolkata, Agartala, Mumbai, Guwahati and city.
Once visa approved then visit school / university and explore MBBS study at terribly reasonable price.
Which are Some outstanding MBBS faculties in Bangladesh?

Armed forces medical school
Chittagong medical school
Z H Sikder medical school for girls
Delta medical school
Green life medical school
Universal medical school
Dhaka international medical school
Kumudini medical school for girls
Jessore medical school
Faridpur medical school
And many a lot of.
What is the price of MBBS in Bangladesh?

Average cost of MBBS study in Bangladesh ranges from twenty five Lac to thirty five Lac. This country is turning into favorite destinations for Indian and African students. Bangladesh is popping itself as a rustic of education hub.

Is MBBS degree from Bangladesh valid in India?

MBBS degree from Bangladesh is valid and acceptable in Asian nation. Once any Asian nationn candidate finishes course then come back to India and write a take a look at organized by Medical Council of India to begin apply in country.

Is NEET needed for MBBS in Bangladesh?

Yes, NEET needed for admission over there. This provision has are available in 2019 earlier NEET wasn’t needed. currently Bangladesh medical faculties needed score card of any national level examination in Asian nation. NEET is kind of a straightforward examination as quite fifty p.c of candidate United Nations agency seem are declared qualified.

Is it sensible to check MBBS in Bangladesh?

If you’re acutely aware in hard cash for MBBS course then Bangladesh is best place for you. Medium of instruction is English in most of school during this south jap country. Degree from this country is recognized by medical council of Asian nation.

Which country is best for MBBS?

When we say concerning sensible medical faculties then it depends on various factors like fees, quality of education, placement, school handiness in school etc. Here I actually have listed countries as per quality of education for MBBS:

This rank is for suitableness of Indian students.


Bangladesh emerged MBBS destination for Indian Aspirant

Bangladesh has emerged as one of many leading countries of the planet and it’s said that the efficient education system is the base of a developed country. Without doubt Bangladesh has brought a massive change in its education system and has emerged as one of leading countries in education as well. Moreover it is becoming an academic hub for the international students as Bangladesh offers pretty splendid facilities to the foreign students to study in Bangladesh. Need to know about Medical Study in Bangladesh

In the recent several years, students from different Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are rushing towards Bangladesh, to be able to get degrees in the medical courses like MBBS, BDS and B- Pharmacy from Bangladeshi universities. The students have considered their degrees, not only up to the world’s finest standards but pretty budget friendly as well.

A few of the top universities like Dhaka University, Rajshahi Medical University and Chittagaon Medical University are thought as some of the very favorite medical institutes for the international students. Studying in Bangladesh is not only benefiting the international students by the budget standpoint but it’s offering them to be able to enjoy the absolute most incredible Bangladeshi culture. The students have the chances to meeting individuals from diverse backgrounds therefore a great environment of learning have now been created.


Education gets expensive by day and the students from the Asian countries are finding Bangladeshi universities a much friendlier option becoming a doctor as set alongside the European or American institutes. Not just the MBBS program but Bachelor of Dentistry, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Nursing courses will also be offered in Bangladesh. On the other hand the Bangladeshi Government’s Education Ministry has brought positive initiatives to create their teaching system of international standard. Their educational ministry has promoted their work in the media and opens the environment for positive criticism. Learn more about MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for Indian.

Taking the educational policy of Bangladesh as a role model we could also improve our educational system with the exact same approach of development in higher education sector. Bangladesh has proved so it possesses the right guts never to only compete in the fields of business and economy in educational sector as well. The current burgeoning economy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is really a pretty unyielding testimony of its improved education system. Bangladeshi doctors are serving well in all over the globe and the medical institutes in Bangladesh are warmly welcoming international students becoming a area of the world’s most dramatic culture and effective education system.


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MBBS Admission in

How to choose a Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.


This is most hard part of the medical campaign. This is very valuable from the point of view and sensitive in different aspects. There are few things that, we reckon you should run quickly go through it. But there is no such hard and quick rule to grade the colleges. This is very long term evaluation process. Your future depends up on you If you are excellent enough you can do well in any college even if college environment also play a major role for your future career. Despite the fact that the college which you reckon is not excellent enough in due course it becomes the best one. You by no means know what the future holds for you so with the colleges, although we would like you to have thoughts in this area the following things:-

NMC Affiliation
Academic activity
Hospital/Hospital equipment
Patient flow
Exam Performance of the Students
Student Activities
Accessibility of IT
Low Budget MBBS study in Bangladesh similar to India that why its popular among Indian Students. MBBS without donation only possible in Bangladesh.

MBBS in Bangladesh full peace of mind of Indian Parents

Study MBBS in Bangladesh for session 2018 – 2019 the country with the highest passing rate for MCI Screening test or FMGE between 2018-19. Being a neighboring country of India, the cost and time for travel get greatly reduced. Emerges best Low Cost MBBS study destination for middle class family students.
The weather and culture of Bangladesh is same as that of India. Food habits of people in Bangladesh are same as that of India. Indian food is easily available. Students going for MBBS in Bangladesh need not worry about food as both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is easily accessible.

The language spoken in Bangladesh includes English, Bengali, Hindi, Arabic. A large number of Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Oriya, Gujarati and Marathi speaking students are already studying MBBS in Bangladesh.

All these factors not only make it easier for Indian students to get acclimatize, Southern Medical College management are most student friendly, also give them a feeling of being at home.

Bangladesh is safe for girls Students and boys Students alike and being in a group of native Indians will make it easier to get help during medical study period. Top medical college like Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College with Low Fees MBBS package including huge campus under Rajshahi University. Being a dry nation (no alcohol country and drug consumption is illegal) adds up to the safety factor while alleviating the fears of the parents. Parents can breathe easy and have a peace of mind sending their son/daughter for MBBS in Bangladesh.

Since getting admission in India is getting increasingly difficult year after year with the number of candidates ever increasing and the number of seats not being able to keep pace, MBBS in Bangladesh is the best alternative for Indian MBBS aspirants to get their MBBS degree from Bangladesh.

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Our main aim is to help the student take the best decision through our professional dealing, best consultants and widespread network all across India.

Its a moment of pride for us when a student sent by us becomes a doctor. We know we are contributing to a better tomorrow.

MBBS in Bangladesh Direct Admission | Low fees | Indian students

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

MCI Approved Govt. Univ.

Low Affordable Fees. Low Travel Cost

No NMAT like Philippines

Better than Kyrgyzstan/China/Russia/Ukraine.

Medical study similar to India.

Same MCI Syllabus, Same Books. MBBS Students from every corner of India

No Hidden Cost. All Fees Pay Direct to College. Easy Installments

For Visa & Admission Process contact Smile Education (Authorized)

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W: http://www.mbbsbangladesh.com  E: info@mbbsbangladesh.com

Best educational agencies to provide guidance for admission in MBBS in Bangladesh

If you are dreaming to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, I would prefer you SEC, Smile Educational Consultancy (most experience and oldest consultant) which surely clear all doubts and guide you in the most possible way. It aims to provide the quality Medical Education in Bangladesh to deserving candidates to pursue and chase the dream destination in a very reasonable cost.

SEC only specialized for provide MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for over eleven years of service. SEC India don’t do any other countries like other agents.

1) Medical – MBBS study in Bangladesh is another good option for students who want to pursue medical studies which are economically cheaper as well as have cultural values similar to India.

2) Low Fees MBBS in Bangladesh is similar to that in India with regard to books and curriculum.

3) The Duration of MBBS course is same as that in India i.e: 5 years

4) The Examination Pattern, Study Plan is very similar to that in Indian Medical Universities.

5) Culture and food habits are also similar to that in India.

6) The low cost and efficient, effective Medical education of Bangladesh makes it one of the most favoured destinations for medical education.


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Direct MBBS Admission in Bangladesh with low study cost

MBBS Curriculum in Bangladesh same as India under MCI Approved

Name of the course:

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Duration of Course:

MBBS course comprises of 5 Years, followed by logbook based rotatory internship for one year, which is optional for Indian students. Indian Doctors opt 1 year internship in India after clearing MCI Screening test.

Study Medical in Bangladesh

MBBS In Bangladesh Bangladesh Is One Of The Most Populer study destination for medical aspirants.
MBBS In Bangladesh
Bangladesh Is One Of The Most popular for India Students.
Limitless Advantages to study MBBS in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is one of the most popular destinations for MBBS.

Click Here MBBS Fees in Bangladesh

There exists 90 percent literacy in Bangladesh. Apart from the local citizens, people round the corners of the world come here to pursue higher education in different disciplines. The main reason for this is compared to any other European countries; education is available here at the cheapest rate.
Apart from that, there are large numbers of international universities located in Bangladesh that offer higher quality education at reasonable prices. You can gather wide array of information about education in Bangladesh from ours site.

MBBS in Bangladesh is the golden Decision for Great Career in Medical. Education Represents Top Most

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Bangladesh is the best destination to study MBBS for Indian Medicine aspirants

Bangladesh is the best destination to study MBBS for Indian Medicine aspirants

MBBS Bangladesh for Indian aspirants !

India has a huge need for doctors. The WHO recommended doctor patient ratio is 1:200 . But because of the paucity of seats in India the actual ratio is more like 1:1800. This tremendous gap puts enormous burden on the already stretched health care system . Since the beginning of the last decade large numbers of students have been going to China, Russia, Georgia and Philippines for pursuing their MBBS and have been remarkably unsuccessful . Many thousands have returned to practice in India but MCI Screening Test clearing percentage if very less or even cant clear FMGE in India.

Bangladesh as a destination for students looking to pursue medical education Due to Medical Education quality very high with huge patient flow for practical knowledge.

Affordable Fees

For one the MBBS fees in Bangladesh Colleges are reasonably priced ranging from 22 lacs to about 30 lacs.

Medium of Study

Bangladesh having the same colonial roots as India also has English as one of their major languages and the academics are entirely conducted in English. This enables Indian students to quickly adjust to the environment and also to start their classes immediately without having to learn another language to follow the medical curriculum.

This is not the case with China and Russia or the other East European countries where a minimal knowledge of the native language is a must before the classes can get started even if the medium of instruction is in English in these countries.

Same MCI like curriculum

The Medical Syllabus in Bangladesh is the same as that followed by the Medical Council of India . In fact historically Bangladesh has been a part of India and there are no difference between Bangladesh and West Bengal in terms of Climatic conditions, Weather or Disease patterns.

Distance between Countries

The distance between India and Bangladesh is another reason why students are opting to study here.  From West Bengal’s capital city Kolkata , the journey to Bangladesh takes nearly 40 minutes by flight and 12 hr either road or train. This is a boon to the students who can slash their travel costs further reducing their overall expenditure on their MBBS course.


The quality of academic instruction is very high and with strict controls on quality of content and quality of delivery, students passing out from medical colleges in Bangladesh usually find it a breeze to clear the licensing examination i.e the FMGE or MCI Screening Test which is conducted by the NBE.

The numbers of students going to Bangladesh in the future seems to be set to grow unless there are some major overhauls in the Indian medical education scenario. Only time will tell.

Latest Update in our Blog http://mbbsbangladesh.blogspot.com/

Medical Study in Bangladesh is much more cost effective for Indians

Every year, many international students look for admissions in top medical institutions of Bangladesh, since the cost of living and education here is quite affordable, compared to many reputed medical colleges…

Source: Medical Study in Bangladesh is much more cost effective for Indians

Time Spent on Real Individuals – Years spent on clinical studies might be three years with about 150 weeks along with the percentage is 50 to 74. So will be the case with the time spent with actual individuals.

Aspirants From India – Lots of students from India who have not created it inside the competitive entrance examination in their state or India, would undoubtedly discover carrying out MBBS in Bangladesh as a great choice. The medical colleges of Bangladesh have all Bangladesh entrance examination for Bangladesh local students.

No Entrance for International Students – Even so, international or foreign like Indian students hunting for pursuing MBBS Fees in Bangladesh require not write any entrance examinations. The overseas students are selected by the marks obtained in 12 th class with Physics, Chemistry And Biology.

Healthcare Council – Just like Healthcare Council of India, Bangladesh also has its personal healthcare council regulating the medical colleges in Bangladesh. Lots of students from India are pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh. The pattern of study as well as the syllabus is equivalent to India.

North and East States geographically close to to Bangladesh – For the students of East India, North East India and a few states of North India, there is constantly a likelihood to study MBBS in Bangladesh, as a sensible and economical selection. The students from these states discover Bangladesh geographically nearer and culturally adjustable to our way of life. Hence this purpose becomes a sturdy point, encouraging the students go for health-related education for enrolling for MBBS in Bangladesh.

Updates on Medical Colleges in Bangladesh – We will be updating info for you personally in regards to the health-related colleges and guidelines to go to Bangladesh within the course of time. We have now updated information concerning the names in the colleges for the aspirants interested to contact the healthcare colleges in Bangladesh.

The above list of medical colleges in Bangladesh are authorized by accreditation world health-related education bodies. Therefore it’s rest assured that students and applicants can appear forward to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the eastern neighbor of India. The people are ethnically similar. The climate, food habit, dress code and culture of the two countries are similar. Bangladesh has thirty Government medical colleges, six semi-private medical colleges and fifty seven private medical colleges. Around seventy five seats in Government medical colleges are reserved for international students. In addition, twenty to twenty five percent seats in private medical colleges are earmarked for international students. Many Indian students, South India, North India, Western India and especially from the eastern and north-eastern parts of the country are obtaining medical education in Bangladesh. Medical Study in Bangladesh is much more cost-effective for Indians, even more than that of China. The syllabus followed in the Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are similar to the syllabi followed in Indian medical colleges. Even the books prescribed in different topics are almost same. More importantly, the medical degrees obtained from Bangladesh are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Furthermore, in all major Medical Colleges of Bangladesh, hostel facilities are available for international students. Generally people have friendly disposition towards the Indians.

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students in a MCI approved university at Cheap and low cost fees structure options such as MBBS in Europe / USA is available from Rs 21 Lac.


MBBS study in Bangladesh positive aspect

Medical study in Bangladesh

Nowadays Indian students are exploring newer destinations for pursuing higher studies including medical education. Then why not Bangladesh? Let us explore the opportunity of medical education for Indian students in this beautiful neighboring country of India. Read on for more information about MBBS Admission in Bangladesh.

The number of Indian students going abroad for higher studies has been increasing every year. This includes students who go abroad to study medicine. In the era of internet, requisite information is easily available and the students take full advantage of this facility. Indian students go to the USA, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Norway, Sweden, China, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and even to Nepal to obtain medical education. Number of Indian students also go to Bangladesh to study medicine. Approx 850-900 per year. In the present article, various aspects of studying medicine in Bangladesh are being discussed.

Why Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the eastern neighbor of India. The people are ethnically similar. The climate, food habit, dress code and culture of the two countries are similar. Bangladesh has thirty Government medical colleges, six semi-private medical colleges and fifty seven private medical colleges. Around seventy five seats in Government medical colleges are reserved for international students. In addition, twenty to twenty five percent seats in private medical colleges are earmarked for international students. Many Indian students, especially from the eastern and north-eastern parts of the country are obtaining medical education in Bangladesh. Medical education in Bangladesh is much more cost-effective for Indians, even more than that of China. The syllabi followed in the Medical Colleges are similar to the syllabi followed in Indian medical colleges. Even the books prescribed in different topics are all same. More importantly, the medical degrees obtained from Bangladesh are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Furthermore, in all major Medical Colleges of Bangladesh, hostel facilities are available for international students. Generally people have friendly disposition towards the Indians.

Medium of instruction

The medium of instruction in medical colleges of Bangladesh is overwhelmingly English. So, Indian students will not face language problem while studying medicine in Bangladesh.

Eligibility and other procedures

A medical aspirant in Bangladesh must not have a gap of more than two years after completion of 10+2 examination. All non-Bangladeshi students who have passed Class X and Class XII or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Biology with more than 60% per cent marks will be eligible for admission. The mark-sheets of Class 10 and Class 12, Admit Cards, Birth Certificates duly attested by the Ministry of HRD (of the country of the student) are required to be sent to the Director, Medical Education under the Ministry of Health of Government of Bangladesh. Only those students who will obtain eligibility certificate Director, Medical Education can apply to individual medical colleges. The admission procedure for international students in MBBS programmes of Bangladesh is completed before January and the classes in the medical colleges commence by the first week of January.

Cost of living in Bangladesh

The cost of living in Bangladesh is similar to that in India. The current conversion rate of one Indian Rupee is 1.18 Bangladeshi Taka. The expenditure for medical education in Bangladesh is one of the cheapest in the world. The fees and other requirements in Government medical colleges are very low, like Government medical colleges in India. So, a comfortable life in terms of cost of living is assured in Bangladesh for Indian students.

Climatic condition of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a sub-tropical monsoon climate characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures and humidity. There are three distinct seasons in Bangladesh, a hot, humid summer from March to June; a cool, rainy monsoon season from June to October-November and a cool winter from November to February. Indian students, especially students from eastern and north-eastern part of India will not face any problem in adjusting the climatic condition of Bangladesh.

Indian students, who are planning to pursue medical education abroad, can explore the opportunities being provided by Bangladesh in the field of medical education. Most of the Indian students would find it beneficial in terms of standard of education, cost of education, language of communication and other related factors.

About Bangladesh – India Relationship see on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bangladesh-India_relations