Bangladesh emerged MBBS destination for Indian Aspirant

Bangladesh has emerged as one of many leading countries of the planet and it’s said that the efficient education system is the base of a developed country. Without doubt Bangladesh has brought a massive change in its education system and has emerged as one of leading countries in education as well. Moreover it is becoming an academic hub for the international students as Bangladesh offers pretty splendid facilities to the foreign students to study in Bangladesh. Need to know about Medical Study in Bangladesh

In the recent several years, students from different Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are rushing towards Bangladesh, to be able to get degrees in the medical courses like MBBS, BDS and B- Pharmacy from Bangladeshi universities. The students have considered their degrees, not only up to the world’s finest standards but pretty budget friendly as well.

A few of the top universities like Dhaka University, Rajshahi Medical University and Chittagaon Medical University are thought as some of the very favorite medical institutes for the international students. Studying in Bangladesh is not only benefiting the international students by the budget standpoint but it’s offering them to be able to enjoy the absolute most incredible Bangladeshi culture. The students have the chances to meeting individuals from diverse backgrounds therefore a great environment of learning have now been created.


Education gets expensive by day and the students from the Asian countries are finding Bangladeshi universities a much friendlier option becoming a doctor as set alongside the European or American institutes. Not just the MBBS program but Bachelor of Dentistry, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Nursing courses will also be offered in Bangladesh. On the other hand the Bangladeshi Government’s Education Ministry has brought positive initiatives to create their teaching system of international standard. Their educational ministry has promoted their work in the media and opens the environment for positive criticism. Learn more about MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for Indian.

Taking the educational policy of Bangladesh as a role model we could also improve our educational system with the exact same approach of development in higher education sector. Bangladesh has proved so it possesses the right guts never to only compete in the fields of business and economy in educational sector as well. The current burgeoning economy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is really a pretty unyielding testimony of its improved education system. Bangladeshi doctors are serving well in all over the globe and the medical institutes in Bangladesh are warmly welcoming international students becoming a area of the world’s most dramatic culture and effective education system.



Best educational agencies to provide guidance for admission in MBBS in Bangladesh

If you are dreaming to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, I would prefer you SEC, Smile Educational Consultancy (most experience and oldest consultant) which surely clear all doubts and guide you in the most possible way. It aims to provide the quality Medical Education in Bangladesh to deserving candidates to pursue and chase the dream destination in a very reasonable cost.

SEC only specialized for provide MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for over eleven years of service. SEC India don’t do any other countries like other agents.

1) Medical – MBBS study in Bangladesh is another good option for students who want to pursue medical studies which are economically cheaper as well as have cultural values similar to India.

2) Low Fees MBBS in Bangladesh is similar to that in India with regard to books and curriculum.

3) The Duration of MBBS course is same as that in India i.e: 5 years

4) The Examination Pattern, Study Plan is very similar to that in Indian Medical Universities.

5) Culture and food habits are also similar to that in India.

6) The low cost and efficient, effective Medical education of Bangladesh makes it one of the most favoured destinations for medical education.


When the discussion is related to the India’s leading career consultancy professional organizations in educational consultancy, one name, which finds its place at the top, is that of Smile Education Consultancy India  The main focus of this premier organization is to transfigure the opinion Indians have, when it comes to making career decision and embryonic their professional lives.The organization is well-organized by a huge team of highly qualified and dedicated counselors and support staff, under the guidance of Mrs. R. Biswas (CEO). S.E.C.India is ruling the world of educational consultants and is sincerely fanatical in making the students aware about the latest trends in Career and Higher Education options viz Medical Study in Bangladesh MCI Approved. We also assist them by providing proper admission guidance. Constant research keeps our database full of latest information, which helps the students to assess the most up-to-date knowledge regarding his/her career.Our team works with student community to guide & assist in various student selection & visa process. S.E.C Career Solution believes in providing solution to complete life cycle of student world. We participate between bridging the gap of educational institutions and industry, by providing ample knowledge transfer to the student world & encouraging industry participation for short term.

Direct MBBS Admission in Bangladesh with low study cost

MBBS In Bangladesh Bangladesh Is One Of The Most Populer study destination for medical aspirants.
MBBS In Bangladesh
Bangladesh Is One Of The Most popular for India Students.
Limitless Advantages to study MBBS in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is one of the most popular destinations for MBBS.

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There exists 90 percent literacy in Bangladesh. Apart from the local citizens, people round the corners of the world come here to pursue higher education in different disciplines. The main reason for this is compared to any other European countries; education is available here at the cheapest rate.
Apart from that, there are large numbers of international universities located in Bangladesh that offer higher quality education at reasonable prices. You can gather wide array of information about education in Bangladesh from ours site.

MBBS in Bangladesh is the golden Decision for Great Career in Medical. Education Represents Top Most Medical Colleges of Bangladesh for Indian students.

Smile Education is an advance information center & education consultancy in India, which helps Indian students to get admission to MBBS in Bangladesh for quality higher education. Students, who come to study in Bangladesh, get a chance to receive international degree in medicine and engineering at an affordable price.So Get admission in mbbs in Bangladesh in top medical university in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh there are great medical colleges for medical education.
Admission in MBBS in Bangladesh is Very easy with us. Just contact Smile Education and choose the University for MBBS in Bangladesh for Direct admission, Education loan is also available for students.

The law of Bangladesh states that all the applicants applying for education in Bangladesh are entitled to equal rights and opportunities irrespective of race, religion, caste or sex. In fact, education of the foreign students is carried out in accordance with the foreign law.

Training is also provided to the students, if needed, and the experts of our team are always ready to help these students. The academic year starts from 1st September and lasts for about 17-18 weeks. This is followed by an examination that is carried out for three weeks.
For higher education, it is essential to apply in the international center of Bangladesh.
The Bangladesh’s system of education is comprised of pre-school education, comprehensive secondary education, vocational technical education (VET in EU terminology) and higher education (pre-graduate, graduate); also there is a post-graduate research education system for science degrees obtaining: Candidate of Science, Doctor of Science (doctoral and post-doctoral education in BD terminology).

The Bangladeshi higher education system peculiarity is the inclusion of Specialist and Master Degree to the second cycle.

Direct MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for low study cost.

We trust in long lasting relationship with the students and we measured our success achieved by our students paced in top medical and engineering colleges in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Education has close ties with the Bangladeshi state universities, we are the respected partner of leading Bangladeshi Universities, including Dhaka Medical University, Chittagong university, Rajsahi University, Bangladesh Medical College, Eastern Medical College, Monno Medical College, Dhaka Nation MC, Green Life Medical College and many more Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh and many of other medical colleges which have highest accreditation level from the Ministry of Education and Science of Bangladesh and have licence to teach international students. Indian Students can create the best career in India with the help medical degree from Bangladesh.

Its MCI Approved.
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Advantage in MBBS Study in Bangladesh

mbbs admission by smile education

MBBS in Bangladesh

The degree earned by understudies in Bangladesh is respected and saw all over all through the world and the charges are competitive. Bangladesh’s adjacent region as a neighboring country is inclination.

There are 34 open universities,56 private universities, 2 all inclusive schools, 31 specilized colleges, and 2 extraordinary schools in Bangladesh. With the availability of these schools, the enthusiasm of overall understudies for cutting edge training has stretched definitely in late years. Most vitally, understudies support Bangladesh to study MBBS moreover distinctive courses like Llb,llm,mba, Msc Accounting, Msc in Computer Systems and so on by Nepal/ Bhutan Students.

Bangladesh – Popular choice for MBBS Studies

Restorative Study in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Reepa Biswas, Counselor for Bangladesh Education at Smile Education, Kolkata says that various understudies would need to study in Bangladesh, however in light of various reasons, it is doubtful for, the people who don’t get arranges in extraordinary colleges in India for MBBS think about Bangladesh as a not too bad option for the reason that it is less extravagant than India or abroad.

As demonstrated by Madam, the degree earned by understudies in Bangladesh is respected and saw all over all through the world and the charges are moderate. Bangladesh’s close-by closeness as a neighboring country is elbowroom. The understudies we send are trailing some incredible souls of past in light of the way that their clump mates and seniors are all first class achievers despite being self controlled and extraordinarily studious. The instructors in every office have perfect learning of their subject and premium an anomalous state of execution from each understudy. The measure of money that people use on their youth’s study in Bangladesh is money generally utilized. Higher studies in Bangladesh are absolutely profitable for understudies, understudies, our country furthermore the host country.

She confer that there are some execution – based gifts rewarded by particular medicinal schools however the standard for getting award is to an incredible degree high. Three of our MBBS study have been allowed gives in Bangladesh. Concerning the cost it runs from $15,000 for Dental Studies to $33,000 for a 5 year MBBS course, she says.

MBBS Fees in Eastern Medical College Bangladesh

She let us understand that the decode capability for passageway into medicinal courses is centered around academic records. A GPA of 8 centered around SSC furthermore +2 results is the base criteria, recognized by the schools in Bangladesh and also the Indian Medical Council.

To the understudies searching for study in Bangladesh she encourages to profit an investigation about what to study and how to apply. She urges to pick a medicinal school with extraordinary reputation paying little respect to the likelihood that it is insignificantly more extravagant. Direction is a financing which can give incredible returns. It’s imperative to look at the school, its capabilities, its record long ago, its affiliations, the abilities of its staff and its framework. There are various educational foundations that come to Bangladesh to enroll understudies and work through orgs that just our there to benefit off. Be aware of suspicious colleges and operators. Likewise, don’t go to a school essentially in light of the fact that a friend is there. You are going to study not to structure partnerships and have a better than average time. It’s not hard to get redirected and release one’s goal.”stay focused and once you have finished your course of study, come back to your country and do well,”suggests by Madam”.

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MBBS Admission | Study Medical in Bangladesh

medical study in Bangladesh

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

If you’r looking to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Smile Education Consultancy S.E.C India brings you the latest information on MBBS admission in Bangladesh. There are many Indian students looking for their admission in the medical institution of high repute in Bangladesh. The cost of living and cost of education in Bangladesh less compared to many reputed medical institutes all across the world. The average cost of study MBBS in Bangladesh ranges between 18 Lakh-INR to 25 Lakh INR. International students and students from India have shown keen interest in their MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Renowned medical institution have seen queries coming from international students such as Eastern Medical College, Bangladesh Medical College, Green Life Medical College,Uttara Adhunik Medical College, Z.H Sikdar Womens Medical College, etc. The low cost and efficient, effective medical education of Bangladesh makes it one of the most favored destinations for medical education.

  1. No.
Name of the Medical College Location Tuition Fee (Full Course) Hostel (Full Course) Estimate in INR
1 Sirajul Islam Medical College Dhaka TBA TBA TBA
2 Eastern Medical College Dhaka US$ 33,000/-* Included Rs. 19,80,000/-
3 Bangladesh Medical C Dhaka US$ 35,000/-* Included Rs. 21,00,000/-
4 Shahabuddin Medical College Dhaka US$ 35,000/- Included Rs. 21,00,000/-
5 Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka US$ 41,000/-* US$ 2500 Rs. 250000/-
6 International Medical College Gazipur US$ 40,650/- Included Rs. 24,39,000/-
7 East West Medical College Dhaka US$ 40,000/- US$ 3,000/- Rs. 27,00,000/-

As on 01 June 2016, revised fee structure for academic year 2016-17 will be announce soon.

Last year fees mentioned above table
Fees mentioned above against

* are for previous academic year and reference purpose only.

The above Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, IMED etc. and the course is taught in English Medium.

* USD 1 = Rs. 65/- approximately. Estimate in Indian Currency can change based upon the Foreign Exchange Rate.

I must say that this Smile Education has fulfilled my long term dream of going to Bangladesh for pursuing medical studies. It has helped me in every possible way.


The mbbs admission, which are provided by SEC, are the best and according to the needs of the students. Without them, I would not have found the right track of my career.
Aman, Ahmedabad (India)